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My Journey

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and
what you do are in harmony.”~ Mohandas Gandhi



In 1990 after 20 years of a rich, yet traditional nursing career, I embarked on my own journey of self-healing with the intention of melding my personal and professional philosophies and lifestyle practices into an integrated whole.

Furthering my studies included holistic nursing and stress management modalities to include Integrative Guided Imagery, Healing Touch and Reiki energy work, nutrition/lifestyle coaching and drum circle facilitation.



My love of the expressive arts and music allowed me to incorporate healing sounds into my practice, such as the frame drum coupled with Native American ceremony which led to creating a women’s monthly “WomenSpirit™” drum circle now in its fourth consecutive year.  

While exploring spirituality, the connections to nature, oneness, universality, ceremony, consciousness and community spoke to me on a deep level. That deeper level of understanding is my heart connection—my inner wisdom calling and guiding me on my evolving path and journey. 

To seek harmony, balance and wholeness is a multi-dimensional approach that requires attention, awareness and commitment.  I am profoundly committed to sharing my knowledge and caring, to continue to benefit those who are seeking to grow and heal themselves.  

By connecting with one’s heart and soul, creating a life that is abundant, balanced, meaningful and full of purpose is possible.  Recognizing one’s inner light—not through ego, rather through compassion and authenticity is the gift.  I believe this is available in some form to everyone—one step at a time.

Using the reflective practice of the mandala healing process is one of the most powerful and gentle methods for assisting one to move toward balance and  wholeness for a more conscious journey in this lifetime.

- Sharon Murnane


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